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Injured or Hurt at Work? Costs Are Mounting — Call Us Now!

Having to lose time from work could threaten your job.Any injury suffered on the job doesn't just get in the way of work. It can lead to real financial disaster, as medical bills mount and your normal expenses just don't go away.

Correctly dealing with the paperwork involved with any major medical treatment today is practically a full-time job, but, worst of all, if your job-related injury means you can no longer earn your regular income, you and your family's financial well-being could drown under the deluge of mortgage debt, car loans, living expenses and all the costs of everyday life — making it even harder for you to concentrate on getting well, getting back to work, or even dealing with the financial realities of a permanent disability condition.

That's why, if you've been hurt at work, you should — right away — call us at Brown, Brown & Young.

Our firm offers you experienced Workers' Compensation advocates, with decades of experience negotiating claims, getting settlements and handling all the necessary forms and documents. But we do more than that — we take care of you!

Patients of all ages may gain workers compensation for injuries.We make sure you get the medical attention and treatments you need. We get all your medical bills together, and make sure the bills are correctly annotated and include all the needed notes. We carefully record your lost wages and ongoing financial needs. We handle the back-and-forth negotiations between you and your employer's Workers' Compensation insurance company. We arrange therapy, and in-home treatments, and follow-up examinations.

Most important — we make sure you get efficient, effective and rapid compensatory payments, so you and your family can concentrate on the most important thing — getting you back to full health and physical ability — without having to worry about paying the bills!

Proper legal representation is necessary to recover damages from work-related injuries.So if your injury was suffered at work or while performing a work-related task or function — be it in an office, on the road, in a factory or on a construction site — call us at Brown, Brown & Young, and begin your process of getting the compensation you are entitled to, and deserve!

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