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Thank you for considering us for your Will or Estate Planning. We are confident that when you read Jay Young's proprietary discussion about Wills, Estate Planning, and today's realities in this matter, you will feel even more confident that you have made the right choice.

Albert J. A. "Jay" Young, a principal in the firm since 1989, has worked for the firm continuously since the age of 15, with the exception of a brief clerkship at a Baltimore law firm and a post-graduate judicial clerkship. He is a frequent speaker and lecturer on estate planning to senior citizen groups, professional groups, Bar Association Continuing Education Seminars, and government retirement programs. He has handled many of the largest probate estates in Harford County.

Jay works with Brown, Brown & Young attorneys Jacqueline Delisle, Philip Kotschenreuther and Maureen Danos, all of whom are also well-versed and experienced in Estate and Will planning, management and formulation. Working together under Jay's guidance the future of your estate can be secure and exactly as you want it to be.

Jay Young believes that having a valid and properly-constructed Will is one of the most important parts of your being a responsible member of society, and a responsible member of your family.

However, there is much more to the estate planning process than just making out a Will. That's why we urge all our clients to protect themselves, and their families, now! The process starts by reading Jay Young's discussion of the entire Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning area, and then meeting with Jay to discuss your specific situation.

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