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Legal Representation in the Face of Incarcerable Traffic Offenses

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Besides DUI/DWI-type offenses, many traffic offenses are categorized as "incarcerable" — that is, a conviction or even arrest can lead to you serving jail time. This is because, in Maryland, you do not have an absolute right to drive; it is a privilege granted you by the state.

And the Free State of Maryland does not take violations of Traffic Law lightly!

Incarcerable traffic offenses include Driving on a Revoked license; driving on a suspended license; driving without a license; driving without Insurance; reckless driving; negligent driving; fraudulent use of a license; leaving the scene of an accident; and many more.

If you have been arrested, charged or are under suspicion for having committed an incarcerable traffic offense, you need the best legal representation right away. Not only do you risk jail time with these charges, but any guilty finding will leave you with a criminal record which can negatively impact your life in hundreds of ways. So call on Gus Brown or Ned Curry -- their vast experience in the District and Circuit Courts of this region, and their success in representation of their clients, has made them renowned in this area of the law.

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Augustus Brown & Ned Curry are licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland.

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