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You Should Consider Mediation

If you're looking for an effective way to resolve many disputes without the costs and risks of court process, you should consider retaining Gus Brown or Phil Kotschenreuther.

Being a skilled mediator requires training and experience, which of course both Gus and Phil have, but it also requires sensitivity, the possession of an open mind, and the ability to observe, understand and empathize. No wonder both Augustus Brown and Phil Kotschenreuther are sought-out by official boards and private parties alike for Mediation and Arbitration, from all over the Baltimore metropolitan area!

Working with both you and your opposing party, Augustus Brown and Phil Kotschenreuther can:

If your case is referred to mediation by a court, or if someone suggests that you try mediation to resolve a conflict, please understand that mediation may help both you and your opposing party satisfy your needs by reaching creative, customized solutions that work for both sides. Many business disputes, family conflicts, neighborhood disputes, and one-on-one issues can be effectively resolved in mediation.

Even some criminal justice cases are better handled in mediation than in court, especially if the people involved have an ongoing relationship.

Remember — you know what your needs are, better than any judge or jury. With the help of skilled mediators such as Gus Brown and Phil Kotschenreuther, you can retain the power to make your own decisions and fulfill those needs, to preserve or improve a troubled business, family or neighborhood relationship.

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