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Gus Brown Helps Write Model Jury Selection Questions

Gus Brown Helps Write Model Jury Selection Questions

On June 17, 2016, Augustus F. "Gus" Brown led a presentation at the Annual Maryland State Bar Conference, held at the Clarion Fontainebleau Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland, on "Model Jury Selection Questions."

Gus has served for over four years on a special Bar Committee tasked with writing such questions. The Bar frequently creates "Pattern Questions" or "Model Questions" -- they become the standard that both criminal and civil attorneys can use. The use of such as provided by the Bar deflects accusations of bias or impermissible prejudice in selecting a jury, so attorneys (both for the prosecution, the plaintiff, and the defense) can rely on them to overcome objections.

Gus also frequently consults as a Jury Selection Specialist to law firms around the country, and teaches the subject at the Keenan Ball College for Attorneys.

Just another example of how we teach other lawyers how to do their jobs — and why when you need the BEST legal representation, you should come to Brown, Brown & Young!

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