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Gus Brown Leaps into Breach, Leads "Damages College"

When Gus Brown flew to Atlanta on February 9, 2010, to participate in a 4-day American Association for Justice (AAJ) workshop at the Hotel Palomar entitled "Damages College," little did he know that his "participation" would actually be as the leader, critic and teacher!

But when one of the scheduled faculty members couldn't get to the workshop because of weather issues, the AAJ turned to Gus, who is not only nationally renowned as an expert in this field, but who has led many previous AAJ workshops and seminars (see other articles).

Under Gus's leadership, the attending attorneys worked their way through an entire series of damages issue mock trials. For seven different cases, Gus covered the entire process from voir dire (when the jury is selected) through crafting and presenting final arguments. The cases involved a variety of injuries including death, serious head injury, sexual employment discrimination and nursing home abuse.

In addition, many of the experienced participating attorneys brought their own cases, and presented the decisions and the judgments they had made to Gus for his critique and suggestions.

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