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"DUI/DWI" refers to several different kinds of charges that can be leveled against a motorist for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The laws against drunk or impaired driving have become complex and are enforced increasingly strictly here in Maryland. Punishments for DUI/DWI offenses can include fines, loss of license, and imprisonment. Even if you are not convicted, your license can be suspended for a significant period of time, merely for refusing a breath test.

Years ago, DUI/DWI accusations may have been winked at by authorities, but the days of lenience are long gone. If you have been arrested for this crime, you will need a strong legal defense to protect your rights. Even if this is your first offense, such a charge is considered a misdemeanor criminal offense under the laws of the State of Maryland, and even a first offense conviction can carry a potential punishment of up to a year in jail, a substantial fine, and a suspension of driving privileges.

In addition, the judge may order hours of community service, probation, attendance of a victim impact panel, abstinence from alcohol, the completion of an alcohol/treatment class, or even the installation – at your expense – of a breathalyzer interlock system on your car!

A second or subsequent DUI or DWI is even more serious, with greater potential penalties.

You need experienced legal representation to fight your case. Remember, you are innocent unless and until proven guilty, and the burden of proving your guilt rests entirely upon the government. Further, keep in mind that it may be possible to reduce some of the charges against you to a lesser offense – or even a complete dismissal of the case.

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