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When Defective Products Injure You, We Can Help You Recover Damages

Defective products come in many shapes and sizes.In today's complicated world, defective products are all too frequently encountered. The coffee maker doesn't drip. The lawn mower doesn't mulch. Your new car might be a lemon.

These are annoying and bothersome situations, but there's a much worse one — when a defective product causes harm to you, or to someone you love. It could be a drug that brings unexpected, dire side effects. Or a machine that spews deadly metal fragments at high speeds!

If something like this has occurred, it takes trained legal representation to completely analyze your situation and make an informed judgment as to whether or now you have a bona fide claim for compensation due to defective manufacture, failure to warn, or other product-related liabilities. It takes the law firm of Brown, Brown & Young — Augustus Brown, principle member.

Improper manufacture can cause severe damage.When you retain Augustus Brown & Ned Curry of Brown, Brown & Young, you get the benefit of our firm being recognized as an authority on product liability, and recovering just compensation for harm caused by defective product manufacture.

We will meet with you, help you gather all relevant information, file your claim or your suit, and guide you and your family through what sometimes can be an arduous process, with tact, caring consideration, and the utmost effectiveness.

It's bad enough to be injured. But if you suspect that a bad medication, a defective product, improper instruction, faulty installation, shoddy manufacture or imperfect design might have led to your injury, don't speculate as to whether or not you are owed compensation.

Instead, call Gus Brown & Ned Curry right away!

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