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There's nothing more complicated, it sometimes seems, than attempting to uphold your business or personal interests when faced with entrenched governmental agencies or committees.

They are intimidating, hide-bound, and sometimes it seems as if they serve no interests other than the preservation of their own position. A private citizen has little chance in that milieu, without proper representation.

So, if you have an issue that means an appearance before a governmental committee or agency, call on us. We will represent you at any and all state and county agency hearings, including agencies such as the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, the Harford County, Baltimore County or Baltimore City Councils, State and Local Liquor Boards, Municipal Boards of Zoning Appeals, all Maryland Boards of Education and Commissions, and the Maryland Insurance Commission.

As for our credentials – read this article about how Phil Kotschenreuther took the local Boy Scouts right up to the highest commissions in the state in order to get a patent on accidentally unchartered and unpatented land!

Read here about how we handle Zoning Boards, Real Estate Commission issues, and more.

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